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Welcome to the World of... Sociopia.

A world not unlike earth. A world riddled by social issues which drain resources and tax the collective psyche. Like earth, Sociopia is divided and fractured with crime and deviance, socially determined health issues, a distrust of science, incivility, ethnocentrism, cognitive bias, and social apathy. As an aspiring sociologist it is your job to cure each city and problem, one by one.

A Sociology adventure study guide

  • You must fight off social dysfunction critters and make your way to, and cure, Therain the Xenophobic Dragon.
  • For your weapons you will use a tool chest of sociological terms, concepts, and theories from class.
  • Collecting Karma coins and curing social ailments depends on YOU and your sociological knowledge base, let the quest begin!

Community Quest

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You're the expert and the town needs your help!

You are a budding young sociologist who has written a popular book on the socialization of the family. You have been hired by the city of Pleasantvile to consult with 9 of their most socially hardest hit areas.

Your goal is to help with divorce rates, agism, intimacy issues, financial mismanagement, neglect and other family issues.

Making the Rounds

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It's your first day as a respiratory care nurse. You are assigned rounds and cases on the first floor of your new hospital. Each new case comes with a academic report and a new medical sociological challenge. Your goal is to make it through your new month and learn about medical sociology.

  • This game is a reader-based game for BA candidates in Respiratory Care
  • You are on your first day of the job as a nurse and you need to meet and answer question from your patients and doctors.